BMW and Tendril team on high-tech home to show off ActiveE sedan and green power management

BMW has teamed up with Tendril to build a high-tech demonstration home on the BMW tech office grounds in Mountain View, California. The two firms plan to use the demo home to show off and demonstrate their various platforms. The BMW platform that will be shown off is the ActiveE sedan. The ActiveE is based on the BMW 1 series cars.

The project will last for two years, and the home will be built with all the green tech that is available today. The home will feature smart thermostats, solar panels, and green lighting and appliances. The expected completion date for the green home is this March. There has been no indication of what the home will look like at this time.

BMW is providing the EV and Tendril is providing the green home management system. Tendril has an interface that sits between the home and the power grid and adds control and flexibility to the inflexible grid. Tendril has an app that will allow the user to monitor all aspects of the electricity use in the home and to choose how and when to charge the EV. For instance, the Tendril platform will allow the driver of an EV to set a charge based on mileage needs for the day and to charge when electricity is the cheapest.

[via NYT]