Blurry picture may show the 2018 Bullitt Mustang

A person who happens to like Mustangs and be part of the Mustang6G forums happened to be out in Chicago and ran across a Ford commercial being filmed. The result of that happenstance is the blurry photo that you see here showing what appears to be a 2018 Mustang wearing the highland green paint and black wheels made iconic by Steve McQueen in the classic flick Bullitt. Ford has made a Bullitt Mustang before.

The first Bullitt Mustang was made as a 2001 model and came with special exhaust, a new intake, and underdrive pulleys to bump power up to 268hp officially. That car came in Dark Highland Green, black, and True Blue with the blue version being the least common. Ford stepped up and made another run of Bullitt Mustangs in 2008-2009.

Those cars came with special Torq-thrust wheels, interior touches, and drive ratios. That Bullitt package was a $3,310 upgrade from the basic Mustang GT made that year. It now appears that the Bullitt is set to return for 2018.

There has been no official word from Ford yet on this are returning, but clearly this image shows a Bullitt-inspired car. Many fans of that Bullitt movie have wanted a modern recreation of the film.

The chase scene between McQueen and the bad guys driving a Dodge Charger through the streets of San Francisco is widely viewed as the greatest chase scene ever put to film. With all the franchise reboots common in film today, it's surprising that Bullitt hasn't been transformed into some sort of buddy comedy with Will Ferrell playing Bullitt.

SOURCE: Autoblog