BluFocus Launched Services For Blu-Ray Quality Control

If you aren't much of ps3 game console user but own a standalone Blu-Ray player, there's one service that may spark you interest. BluFocus, a new company launched to provide movie studio an advanced testing and advisory service Specialist for Blu-ray movie titles. Yes, the hi-def hardware is too sophisticated they need a dedicated software specialist in Quality control.

At often, I think the hi-def playback is lacking the legacy DVD versatility, slow booting and shutdown time, irresponsive and buggy. True, it took years for DVD to reach maturity. But all I need is a reliable hi-def media with exceptional audio video quality that raises eyebrows, the core features that define high definition not the pointless BJ-live or web content and excessive Java interactive that been dragging the crippled format development down. May be BluFocus can come to rescue, we'll see.

BluFocus Launches:[via widescreenreview]