Bluewire device records smartphone calls from up to 33-feet away

There are a bunch of reasons that someone might want to record the calls that they receive over their smartphone. Many smartphones have the ability to record calls built in and there are apps out there that will allow that to happen as well. A new device has debuted called Bluewire that claims to be the world's smallest Bluetooth headset call recorder. The device looks like a normal Bluetooth headset, but it is able to record calls from up to 33-feet from your smartphone.

It will work with direct calls on the smartphone or with VoIP conversations and stores the recordings securely on the headset via integrated memory. Users can see the calls they have recorded via an app that runs on the smartphone.

NFC equipped phones can transfer the last call recorded from the Bluewire device to the smartphone with a tap. The recorder is compatible with any Bluetooth headset on the market. It is a Bluetooth headset for listening directly to calls and talking with people on the phone, but will still record if you wear a different headset to talk.

Bluewire supports Qi wireless charging, has an integrated flashlight, can record both sides of a conversation, and has 16GB of internal storage. An internal accelerometer and wireless leash function help prevent loss. Bluewire is on Kickstarter now seeking $10,000 and has raised over $25,000 so far. A pledge of $169 or more will get you a Bluewire with shipping estimated for July 2015.

SOURCE: Kickstarter