Bluetti Halloween Special Deals Keep The Lights On Even In The Dark

It's that time of year when tricks are played in the dark and eyes are treated to eerie lights on some houses and across some lawns. That might give you some pause as you consider your own fate should the lights suddenly turn dark. If suddenly losing power is your personal nightmare, then you might be relieved to know that you won't need a seance to summon Bluetti's best portable solar generators and batteries with its Halloween special. Be warned, though, as you might find their prices are to die for.

Bluetti AC300 and B300

Last month, Bluetti finally launched its most modular clean and green power solution, the AC300 and its compatible battery packs, the B300. According to the company, it was so popular that its initial supply ran out in just two weeks and, unfortunately, remained out of stock for almost a month. As if coming back from the dead, the unbeatable duo is back, and they brought some friends along to sweeten the deal.

When your power needs change from time to time and from place to place, the modular AC300 power station can save you not just space but also money. A single B300 battery module will already give you 3,072Wh of power for most emergency needs, and two could be your trustworthy companion for days off the grid. In the latter case, you might want to also juice up those batteries without plugging them into a wall socket. This Halloween, Bluetti offers the neat package that puts all those together, with an AC300 power station, two B300 batteries, and three PV200 solar panels for a whopping 6,144Wh of power. That package will only cost $5,699, a $1,745 saving for a limited time.

Sometimes, however, the bigger concern is powering the house itself or a few appliances during an outage. You could stack up to four battery modules, but with a Fusion Box Pro and two AC300 power stations, you can actually keep everything on with 240V output. For $8,899, saving your $2,834, you can get a combo that includes those two AC300 boxes with two B300 batteries each and a P030A Fusion Box Pro exactly for that very purpose.

If that still isn't enough, Bluetti's King-size Home Backup Package will probably cover all the cases, including recharging from the sun's power. With two AC300 modular power stations, four B300 battery modules, a Fusion Box Pro, and six solar panels, not only do you get 240V 12,288Wh of power, but you can also fill up those batteries with 1,200W of solar energy. Of course, the bundle costs a lot more, but the $11,099 price tag still saves you $3,928 in total.

Bluetti EB55 Orange

Halloween has become synonymous with pumpkins, even in countries that don't grow those. What Halloween Special would be complete, however, without a Halloween-themed treat. This year, Bluetti is launching a special color for the EB55 to match the season, providing power while looking good at the same time. For $449, you get a pumpkin-colored 537Wh portable power station that won't look out of place among your spooky decor.

Bluetti AC200 MAX and B230

Not to be outdone by its more flexible sibling, the AC200 MAX and its B230 companion are also making an appearance this Halloween. With its own built-in 2,048Wh LiFePO4 battery, the Bluetti AC200 MAX offers an all-in-one solution while keeping the doors open with B230 battery module expansions. For this special sale, the company is slashing $200 off its retail price, now at $1,899 only for a brief period.

Unlike ghosts, Bluetti's spooky offers won't last forever. The Bluetti Halloween Special Sale starts on October 28th and ends on November 4th, PDT. And just because you don't personally celebrate that day doesn't mean you can't take advantage of the discounts, as the sale is open to anyone anywhere in the world.