Bluetooth Upgradation

Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BSIG), today introduced two add on features to Bluetooth technology. This technology will allow you to access mobile devices from your car. Cars such as 2006 Audi A6 are already using the new Phone Book Access Profile which allows you to access your mobile's call information, missed calls, favorites, recent calls and many more features, making it displayable on your LCD screen. Some of the car makers are introducing this technology strategically by the name of so called SIM Access Profile method, where a user can copy his GSM SIM card and then disconnect his mobile from network, as his car's built-in hardware will now take the whole responsibility of dealing with calls (making and receiving calls). Next, the audio quality is upgraded, as well as phone status indicators, hold function and information on incoming call feature. This new technology will make way for a premium communication system in the near future, hang on, we are getting more updates soon.