Bluetooth 3.0 announcement on April 21st?

All quiet from the Bluetooth Special Interest Group themselves, but if Phone Scoop are to be believed they're preparing to announce the Bluetooth 3.0 specification later this month.  Bluetooth 3.0 will significantly increase the speed of wireless transfers, making the exchange of large videos possible "within seconds".

Other new features will include Enhanced Power Control (EPC), which will apparently reduce the number of dropped connections experienced when devices briefly move out of range or have their signals blocked (such as when put into a pocket or bag).  Bluetooth 3.0 uses new communication protocols which apparently allow it to reach WiFi-matching speeds.

According to the news, the Bluetooth SIG will announced the new standard – together with a list of chip manufacturers who are signing up to make Bluetooth 3.0 compatible components – on April 21st.  We're still waiting on official confirmation from the SIG themselves.

[via MobileBurn]