BlueStacks streams Android apps from desktop to Facebook Live

Last April, BlueStacks, the popular Android platform that lets you run Android apps and games right on your desktop, got into the live streaming gig with integration. Now it is taking that a step further by offering another venue for sharing those live videos. While it may seem at first brush that Facebook Live integration is simply yet another livestreaming platform, it does offer one critical feature not found on Twitch. Like on Facebook Live itself, BlueStacks TV allows broadcasters to choose who can view their streams, be it the entire Interwebs or just their family and friends.

While live streaming has only recently been picking up traction, the activity has long become even a lifestyle in the gaming world, where viewers obtain as much enjoyment watching players at their best and their worst. In fact, game live streaming is evolving to the point that more direct viewer interaction, or even control, is becoming possible.

While this latest BlueStacks TV update is still far from getting to that level, it at least allows players and viewers to interact on one of the biggest live streaming platforms of late: Facebook Live. In addition to broadcasting on Facebook from their desktop, players can avail of the same features that Facebook Live offers to users on their smartphones, from displaying the stream on timelines, limiting visibility to a select few, and, of course, comments and likes.

Particular to this Facebook Live integration is the ability to choose the layout of the stream. As Facebook Live limits the viewable area to a square, users can only squeeze so much. Available layouts include just showing the game or app itself, splitting the area into two, or a more conventional picture-in-picture effect.

Of course, BlueStacks isn't all about Android games and users can stream their use of any Android app right from their webcam-enabled computer, no smartphone necessary. It could be a useful tool for tutorials or instruction, or even some Android related reviews.

SOURCE: BlueStacks