BlueStacks GamePop misses OUYA's competitive price point

OUYA is getting closer and closer to it's public launch next month, and Android emulation service BlueStacks is looking to shake things up at the same time with their new GamePop portable gaming console. It's a bit different than OUYA, as it uses a subscription for unlimited gameplay, but the price of the console itself is a bit more expensive than the OUYA.

BlueStacks announced that the GamePop console will cost $129, which is just a tad more than the OUYA's $99 price tag. However, gamers will have to buy all of their games separately with the OUYA, whereas the GamePop will offer a $6.99-per-month subscription for an all-you-can-play buffet of Android titles.

Of course, pre-orders for the new console are ongoing, and from until the end of June, you'll be able to get the console for free if you're willing to lay down a full-year subscription on the service, which only costs $83.88. That's certainly quite the deal if we do say so ourselves, and even though the console will cost more than the OUYA, the subscription model of the GamePop seems rather enticing.

BlueStacks also announced the addition of more games coming to their portable console from three new developers. They weren't wordy as to what games would making their way to the GamePop, but they did say that these new titles just announced today would cost over $50 if you bought them in the Google Play store, and users will be getting them for free with their subscription.

BlueStacks has already managed to get a handful of popular mobile game developers to partner up with them, including Glu, Halfbrick, and Gameloft. It's not said exactly how many games will be available at launch, as the team is still working on getting a final count, but it should give OUYA a run for its money. However, we'll see if the game selection on the GamePop is worth the $6.99 monthly fee. That's a low price to pay, but that definitely adds up after a couple of years.

VIA: The Next Web