BlueStacks 2 adds app tabs and quick action bar

Fans of the BlueStacks App Player will be glad to hear that a new and updated version of the player has been launched. The new version is called BlueStacks 2 and it has some nice updates to how it operates. One of those updates is multi-tasking capability.

App Player now works more like a browser interface with users able to play multiple apps at once via tabs. That means users can do things like have a messenger running in one tab while playing games in others. Players can also play an app while another is downloading.

BlueStacks 2 also offers easier access to functions like set locations, screen shake, volume adjust, and others. The actions are on the Toolbar on the left side of the App Player. Some popular apps have optimizations baked right into BlueStacks 2.

BlueStacks says that there is a risk in launching so many new features at once. Hopefully that doesn't mean that the features haven't been through thorough testing. You can check out the video below to see more details about BlueStacks 2 and get an idea what it is like in action. BlueStacks also notes that over the next few months there will be new additions to App Player and the BlueStacks brand.

SOURCE: BlueStacks