BlueBerry, about as blatant a rip-off as you'll ever find

A quick glance at this device and you might think, "Hey, no big deal.  That's a BlackBerry Bold." Upon closer inspection, you'll discover that this is not at all a Research In Motion built phone, but instead, a convincing rip-off.  Behold – the BlueBerry.

The BlueBerry emulates the Bold look pretty well, though it seems that some buttons are either misplaced or omitted altogether.  There's also no trackball – just a silver button in its place.  The phone has a QVGA display, a microSD slot and spots for two SIM cards.  Yep, it looks just like a BlackBerry Bold – don't expect it to do any cool BlackBerry stuff, though.

This beauty will cost you $164.99 and is available from China Grabber, amongst other shady knock-off phone dealers.  We'll let you know if we hear about any more feature-packed BlueBerry devices in the works.

[via Engadget]