BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth headset now available to purchase

Shane McGlaun - Mar 27, 2013, 8:15 am CDT
BlueAnt Q3 Bluetooth headset now available to purchase

One of the interesting Bluetooth products that surfaced back during CES in January was from a company called BlueAnt. The product itself is called the Q3 and is now available in stores for you to purchase. The device is a premium Bluetooth ear piece that is available online and in AT&T retail stores.

The Q3 sells for $99 and allows iPhone users to have Siri functionality using the Bluetooth headset. Using the Q3 and Siri, iPhone users will be able to compose text messages using their voice by double tapping the command button. The headset also supports Android users allowing access Google Voice Actions with a double tap of the command button.

The headset features Voice Isolation Technology to help reduce external noise and wind noise for higher-quality calls, even in noisy environments. The headset also features Wind Armor Technology allowing for clear communication with wind speeds of up to 22 mph. BlueAnt also fits the device with dual microphones and advanced DSP technology.

Other features include support for streaming audio allowing drivers to listen to music, podcasts, or spoken directions from GPS applications. The earpiece will also announced the name of incoming callers and has answer and ignore commands for handling calls from the headset. The headset also offers a battery meter on the screen of the iPhone so you know how much power is left inside the headset. The device also supports connectivity to two phones at one time.

[via BlueAnt]

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