Blue Wii hits Walmart for Black Friday

Walmart will offer a limited edition blue version of the Nintendo Wii as part of its Black Friday sales promotion this year, it has been revealed, with the new color console priced at $99.96. Set to go on sale at 10pm on Thursday, November 24, according to details screen-grabbed from a CBS commercial and passed to Engadget, the blue Wii has already been offered elsewhere in the world, but this will be its first official debut in the US.

Back in October, Nintendo announced the blue special edition as a custom Olympics 2012 model set to commemorate the games set to be held in London, UK. The console – which includes Mario & Sonic and a matching blue Wiimote – would only be offered in Europe, however, with pricing yet to be confirmed.

It's worth noting that Walmart already offers the blue Wii Remote Plus as a separate accessory, priced at $39.96, but currently only sells black and white versions of the Wii console to go with it. We're guessing this blue Walmart Wii is the same hardware as the Olympics 2012 limited edition, which means no GameCube support.