Blue Origin wants to prep a delivery service for humans on the moon

NASA is looking into returning to the moon, and companies are scrambling to get in on that action. One such company is Blue Origin, which anticipates setting up a delivery service of sorts near the moon's south pole. Such a service would utilize solar power and function as a lunar cargo delivery service, taking supplies to the moon where they could then be utilized by future humans landing on and living on the moon.

The information comes from The Washington Post, which says it obtained a copy of a confidential document from Blue Origin. The private space company has been circulating this document — described as a 7-page white paper — to relevant government agencies and entities in hopes of being tapped to provide such lunar cargo deliveries.

This delivery service of sort wouldn't involve sending humans to the moon, at least not based on what has currently been revealed about the paper, but would instead involve sending landers to the moon's south pole where they will then be equipped to provide goods to humans.

These goods would help facilities human activities on the moon, including items needed for experimentation, harvesting resources from the moon, habitat gear, and more. All of this anticipates, of course, an increased human presence on the moon, a presence that could involve long-term stays by researchers who live in habitats and conduct experiments not unlike what currently happens on the International Space Station.

SOURCE: The Washington Post