Blu Homes folding modular house caught on video

I am lucky to live in an area where the weather is hot in the summer, but mild in the winter allowing for year round home construction. This helps keep prices low on homes, a home selling for $500,000 in California might be only $100,000 here. Some people who live in areas where the cost of homes can be expensive look to alternative construction methods like modular housing.

A slick video of a Blu Element modular home being unfolded in place has turned up and it is amazing to see the process required to set the home up. Treehugger reports that the sales of this sort of modular home are limited to an area close to the manufacturer because the cost of shipping the huge modular boxes is so high.

Basically, the modular house is sent on the back of a semi to the build location, set on the foundation, and unfolded. The whole process reminds me of building a giant Barbie house for my daughter on Christmas Day. Check out the video below to see how the process works.