Blood Sport game controller collects blood when you're hit

A Kickstarter campaign for "Blood Sport" has been suspended, according to its page. The reasons for the suspension aren't yet known, but the product itself has caught quite a bit of attention: a game controller that draws blood from gamers when they're hit during gameplay. This is achieved using a regular blood collection machine wired to a game controller so that every time the controller rumbles the blood collection machine briefly turns on. The reason for such a device, according to the makers, is for blood donation events.

"With Blood Sport, we're raising the stakes of gaming. We're making it so that when you lose blood in the game, you lose it in real life, as well." You can see this take place in the video below, though obviously there are some images of blood, so you should avoid watching if such things make you uncomfortable.

An Arduino board is said to be used for activating the blood collection machine when the controller rumbles, and to monitor how much blood has been collected to shut the system down before it become unsafe. According to the makers, the machine could be used at blood collection sites to host gaming events where the loser donates the most blood first.

The project was seeking $250,000 USD, and was suspended shortly after going live. Says the creator, "We're currently suspended and looking into the reason. Stay tuned, and make sure to start training for Blood Sport by donating some blood down at the clinic while we figure this out!"

SOURCE: Kickstarter