Blogging platform Medium now lets you block accounts

Nate Swanner - Apr 17, 2015, 9:41 am CDT
Blogging platform Medium now lets you block accounts

With growth come pains for a social entity. Medium, though meant for the written word, still has a very implicit social aspect. You can comment on a blog post via a pop-out sidebar, so interaction is a s key as unique blog posts. Saying they want the platform to be “a safe place for everyone to share their stories and ideas”, Medium has introduced the ability to block accounts. Rather than force users to suffer trolls or harassment, Medium is giving us an out.

Blocking is nothing new for social platforms; all major services have some form of it. Medium was launched as a straightforward blogging platform, so they’ve come around to social a bit slower than others who’s purpose it was to connect people with each other, not connect readers with ideas.


Medium users can block accounts when they visit a profile, or under the ‘More’ tag at the top of a blog post. When you block an account, that person/people will no longer be able to see your profile, and will not be able to read your posts when logged into that account.

You won’t see their comments on posts, and of course will no longer see their blog posts. Blocked accounts can’t follow you, nor can you follow that account.

Oddly, a blocked account can still troll you. That account can ‘@mention’ you, but you won’t get notifications for those mentions.

Source: Medium

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