Blog Readability Test

So CrunchGear found this neat little test on Neatorama and decided to run it on their blog, their results piqued my interests, so I ran it on SlashGear. Now I have no clue what criteria the test is based on or what methods it uses to evaluate blogs, but I did find our results interesting.

We received the reading level of High School. I can't really tell if that's good or bad, I suppose it means our writing/posts are at a high school level, but does that mean we are cutting of potential readers of a lower reading level? I suppose its good enough our staff is collectively intelligible enough to write at a high school level.

In case you are wondering, CrunchGear received the Elementary rating, once again, I don't know if that's better or worse than our rating, it just means more people can read and understand their site I reckon. Honestly I don't foresee someone attempting to read our site and having too many troubles save for confusing technical terms with product/brand names. If you want you put your blog, or maybe another blog you read through the test, the link is below, have fun!

CrunchGear posts at an elementary school reading level [via CrunchGear]The Blog Readability Test [via Neatorama]