Blockbuster drops price of in store rentals to compete with Netflix and Redbox

Blockbuster went into bankruptcy after its expensive rentals and high late fees helped to drive the average consumer to kiosk rentals and streaming services. Blockbuster was for a long time the biggest rental chain in the country and had multiple stores in many areas. The company isn't alone, the entire DVD market is seeing profits drop. Blockbuster was recently purchased by Dish Network and the rental store has now announced some changes to their in store rental policies.

Blockbuster is lowering prices to appeal to users that have been renting elsewhere. As of May 27, the price of "thousands" of in-store movie rentals dropped to 99 cents per day. The price on new releases was also reduced. The new price is $1.99 for the first day and then 99 cents per additional day. The price of just released films will be $2.99 for day one and then 99 cents daily after.

Blockbuster is also offering a new unlimited movie rental plan that will run through July 4. With this plan, the user can come in, rent a $2.99 movie at the store, and then get another movie at $1.99 or less for the first day at no charge. When they return the free rental they can return to the store an unlimited number of times to get more free rentals. In theory, you could watch as many movies per day at $1.99 as you like, one flick at a time, until July 4.