Block Star Wars spoilers with this Chrome extension

With the first Star Wars movie in a decade coming out soon, there's one thing that we're all trying to avoid: Spoilers. It can be easy to avoid spoilers for smaller movies and TV shows, but with a franchise as big as Star Wars, it can seem almost impossible. Thankfully, you can use technology to censor such things for you.

The Star Wars Spoiler Blocker is an extension for Chrome that identifies pages that may contain spoilers for the upcoming movie. If it does, it will blur out the page and give you a warning about the contents. You can then choose to take the risk and view the site. Just remember, you do so at your own risk.

The extension shows a small stormtrooper helmet that tells you when it is active. If it's popping up too often, you can always click there to turn it off for a while. The spoilers that you'll find online right now are minor, at best. However, once the movie is actually released next month, you'll probably want to keep it on until you hit the theater. You'll also probably want to stay off of all social media, as this isn't going to prevent you from seeing all of the spoilerific things that your friends say.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opens December 18th in the US. However, the official premiere in Los Angeles ison December 14th. So that might be a good time to go ahead and turn the extension on, just in case.


Source: Chrome Store