Bloated sea monster found in Texas after floodwaters recede

Hurricane Harvey's floodwaters are receding and left behind is a scattered mess from both land and sea. One of the more curious finds is a 'sea monster' spotted dead on a Texas beach, one presumably washed ashore by the intense storm. The creature hasn't yet been positively identified as any particular sea animal, though speculation about what it may be abounds.

The image was spotted and photographed by Preeti Desai, who posted the images on Twitter. The four images show a dead, bloated, tubular creature that appears to have a long tail and to lack a face. There are visible bony protrusions of what appear to be teeth, though not particularly scary ones.

To no one's surprise, this unidentified creature is being referred to as a 'sea monster,' though no doubt it is some form of deceased, known sea life that was unfortunate enough to be washed onto the beach (whether it was already dead when it got there is anyone's guess). The Internet has set about trying to identify the creature.

At least one official has weighed in claiming the creature shown in the images is probably a fangtooth snake-eel, a terrifying name for a creature that you don't actually need to be afraid of (unless you're a small fish in the sea). There are other possibilities, though, mostly of the eel variety. We'll likely never know exactly what the creature is, though, because the carcass has been left to decay in its final resting place.