Blizzident toothbrush cleans teeth in 6 seconds

There are lots of gadgets designed to help make your daily routine easier. For instance, there are number of electric toothbrushes that promise to clean your teeth better than an old-fashioned manual brush. A new and high-tech toothbrush that uses a design that is novel and unique has been unveiled that promises to clean your teeth in only 6 seconds.

The product is called the Blizzident toothbrush and it promises to clean your teeth, tongue, gums, and floss all at the same time. You can't just walk into a store and buy one of these, you have to have a direct scan or impression taken of your teeth. From that scan or impression, the company creates a 3-D model of your bite.

The finished toothbrush looks like a football mouthpiece with hundreds of little filament fibers sticking out of it. The company says that there are about 400 fibers and to clean your teeth all you do is bite down and grind your teeth on the device 10 to 15 times.

The maker of the crazy tooth brush says that by fighting down and grinding your teeth, users are able to put both the modified bass-technique and Fones technique to work at the same time resulting in cleaner teeth significantly faster. If you're wondering, the modified bass-technique is a toothbrushing method involving up and down as well as circular movements. The Fones technique involves left and right, backwards, and forward motions.

The company promises that brushing your teeth with the Blizzident toothbrush for 6 seconds is equivalent to using a manual toothbrush for 3 min. The bristle portion of the device only has to be replaced once every year. The first fancy toothbrush will cost $299. Replacement brushes are $89 because the scans are already in place.