BlizzCon 2010 Highlight Reel (and a Confirmation of the Diablo 3 Beta)

Chris Burns - Oct 26, 2010
BlizzCon 2010 Highlight Reel (and a Confirmation of the Diablo 3 Beta)

So it’s that time again, that time when the longest amount of wait begins before BlizzCon comes again. That’s right! It’s time for the BlizzCon wrap-up video. This is Blizzard Entertainment’s biggest event of the year, a place where they announce all their sweet spots and bring out the big guns as far as presenting what they’ve got coming up, then they have Tenacious D play some magical metal.

But of course, you know me, I know you, and I know you’re most excited to see what’s going on on the Diablo III front. Well yesterday I frigging told you, man! There’s a Diablo III beta test going on! And if you watch very very closely in this wrap-up of BlizzCon 2010 video, you’ll see some lucky boys and girls who got to put their claws on their clickers and explore to their heart’s delight.

BlizzCon Wrap-Up 2010 (mostly screaming, to be fair)

Diablo III gameplay vid (from a few months ago, but almost certainly indicative of the final play you’re going to get to see when the game’s eventually released)

[Via Blizzard News]

BONUS we’ve got a couple more videos now courtesy of a friendly commenter by the name of Alex. Thanks a bunch!

Demon Hunter Gameplay (Blizzcon 10) :

Monk Gameplay (Blizzcon 09):

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