Blizzard Shows StarCraft 2 Has Some Old Rivals

Evan Selleck - Aug 17, 2009
Blizzard Shows StarCraft 2 Has Some Old Rivals

News about Blizzard’s StarCraft II isn’t necessarily few and far between, but when you start talking about something as epic as StarCraft, and its heavily anticipated sequel, every piece of information is fantastic. And, if it weren’t enough for Blizzard to just give us text-based information, they go out and make amazing CG videos, like the cinematic trailer already released. But this time around, Blizzard lets us follow an old friend, Zeratul, as he explores some ancient ruins, but quickly discovers he’s not the only one being a little nostalgic.

We’ve already gone over some of the more expansive parts of the upcoming release, but with this video, we feel it may be necessary to go over some of the better parts again. For instance, StarCraft II is technically billed as a trilogy, because each of  the playable races –Terran, Zerg, and Protoss– have their own distinct campaign, with anywhere between 26-30 missions per campaign. While each of the campaigns are overarching and connected, they will feel fresh and new upon taking up the reigns for the first time. The Terran campaign will be known as “Wings of Liberty”, the Zerg’s “Heart of the Swarm”, and finally the Protoss’ “Legacy of the Void.”

But, that’s just moe information that we already know. It’s not a glorious video, showcasing the power of the Protoss Zeratul, and the overall creepiness of the Zerg. So, let’s just get right down to it.

[via GameTrailers]

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