Blizzard announces StarCraft sequel

Many people have been waiting for the next big release from Blizzard. They announced a little while ago that they would be revealing their latest title at their Invitational in Korea. At the party this past weekend they informed the world that they will be releasing StarCraft II.

I played the original StarCraft back in the day, though I admit that I wasn't as drawn into the whole experience as many others were. Personally, I was more of a Diablo kinda guy. I was hoping for a Diablo III announcement, but didn't exactly hold my breath as Blizzard has already told us that Diablo II was the end of the road.

Blizzard did not announce when the game would be available, lets just hope that it doesn't go the way of StarCraft Ghost which has been "indefinitely postponed" since early last year.

Blizzard announces StarCraft II, Korea implodes with joy [via joystiq]