Blink Seecurity system, service plans to debut at CES 2017

JC Torres - Jan 3, 2017, 5:00 am CST
Blink Seecurity system, service plans to debut at CES 2017

By now, smart home security systems are a dime a dozen, but Blink always manages to set itself apart in some ways. It was one of the first, for example, to integrate with Amazon Alexa. It is also probably the only one with an outdoor security camera that runs on AA batteries. At CES 2017, it is taking its game one step further by introducing its Seecurity systems. The name might make some smirk, but the offer of a full line of security products, kits, and services is definitely no laughing matter.

Blink already sells security products, but these are more like individual, independent pieces rather than parts of a set. With its new Seecurity system and their corresponding kits, Blink is painting a more holistic image of its products. Of course, these are still bits and pieces that can work independently, but they act as a team rather than a one-man army.

Some of the products that are part of the Seecurity system are somewhat common, like entry sensors you can install on doors and windows or loud 105 db sirens to scare off would be intruders. Quite unique to this set is a moisture sensor to warn owners of possible leaks or floods. And perhaps most important is the 4G Cellular Sync Module with Backup Battery that keeps on working even when electricity or the Internet is out.

Blink will be offering these products in kits come second quarter of the year. The starter kit, priced at $339, includes 1 Blink Camera, 1 Blink XT Camera, 1 4G Cellular Sync Module, 1 Siren, 2 Entry Sensors, and 1 Keypad. A cheaper upgrade at $149 is meant for those who already own the cameras and therefore excludes them.

Blink is also announcing a two-tier monthly service plan, at $9.99 and $19.99. The two are practically identical in coverage though with the lower $10 tier, you will have to do all the monitoring yourself, usually after the fact. For $20, however, you get round the clock professional monitoring.


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