Blind woman able to see newborn son thanks to special video glasses

Being blind and unable to see the world around us is a nightmare for a lot of people, but for many that is everyday life. A woman named Kath Beitz is legally blind and lost her vision as a child. Over the years, she has adapted to being unable to see the world around her. The challenge for Beitz was that she wanted to see her newborn son the day he was born.

Thankfully, with the help of some very expensive and high tech video glasses, she was able to see her new baby. The glasses are called eSight glasses and cost around $15,000 per pair. The high-tech glasses capture video of what is in front of the lenses with a camera and then project the video onto special HD screens in front of her eyes.

Beitz has a condition called Stargardt disease that causes macular degeneration and she contracted the disease when she was 11. She has some peripheral vision, but has a blind spot in the center of her field of view and is legally blind.

About 140 people currently use eSight glasses in North America. Beitz was able to keep the glasses apparently and they will make it easier for her to care for her newborn child. The company that makes the glasses has a fundraising department that helps those in need afford the product. The company is also trying to work with insurance companies to get the insurance firms to pay for some of the purchase.

SOURCE: Dailymail