Blimps may replace cargo jets for transporting products

Going green is a big deal today with many cars, trucks, and aircraft looking to green designs to help reduce the fossil fuels needed and pollution produced. Today much of the gadgets and electronics that we enjoy are shipped from overseas on planes and massive ships.

In the future, some of that cargo could be moved via blimps. Other than football games blimps are an oddity in much of the world today. However, a scientist in the UK, Professor Sir David King, believes that in the next decade blimps will be carrying much freight across the oceans instead of large jets.

The reason for this is simple enough; the blimp has over twice the cargo capacity of the jets like the Boeing 747carrying much of our freight today and produce about 90% less greenhouse gas than a 747. Another big benefit is that the blimps wouldn't need an airport for loading, the scientists says they would have big lifts to bring cargo aboard.