Blazepro Wireless Wii Sensor Bar

You can get a wireless Wii sensor bar from Nintendo, or you can deal with the wired one that includes several feet of cord, until now, those two options, and a couple of candles were more or less your only options. But now Blazepro has used Nintendo's proprietary standards to make their own wireless Wii sensor bar.

This is the first such peripheral to be made for the Wii too, you can't find any third party Wiimotes or nunchucks. Umm, it runs off of 4 AAA batteries and works from up to 13 feet away.

The best part about this, is that ditching the extremely long cable on the Wii sensor bar that comes bundled with the system will cost you a mere $4 plus the cost of the batteries. The best part is, although the major bragging point of this product is its automatic detection by the Wii, the sensor bar doesn't do a thing other than offer up a couple of reference points for the Wiimote which is what actually tracks the movements.

First third-party Wii sensor bar goes wireless [via TGDaily]