Blast player from Oppo makes the iPod look fat

Chris Scott Barr - Jul 26, 2007

Is your video iPod or Zune just a little hefty to carry around. While I’ve never really thought that the iPod was too thick, the Zune would certainly be uncomfortable to carry in one’s pocket. This new media player is boasting a size so thin that no one could complain.

The Blast from Oppo is set to measure around 0.27 inches thick with a decent size LCD screen and basic touch-sensitive controls on the front. You’ll be able to play back most conventional music and video files as well as Flash videos, lossless APE or FLAC music tracks and view GIF images.

While we’re not sure what price we’ll see on the Blast, it should be kept relatively low because it won’t actually include any built-in memory. All content will be loaded on microSD cards, which are generally inexpensive. The player is set to be released in China, though no time frame was given.

Oppo unveils wafer-thin Blast media player
[via electronista]

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