Blair Witch sequel is the latest surprise movie announcement

Earlier this year, movie lovers were pleasantly surprised (and later horribly disappointed) with the

unexpected announcement

of a Cloverfield sequel, which had been kept secret all the way up until its official announcement. In recent days we've been blindsided with the same kind of totally unexpected movie announcement: there's a new Blair Witch sequel, and it'll be hitting theaters on September 16.

The movie will be a sequel to "The Blair Witch Project," the hit movie from 1999 that's arguably responsible for the now-tiresome array of found-footage and FPV horror flicks that fill bargain bins and Netflix's digital shelves.

The sequel comes from Lionsgate and was revealed at Comic-Con last week; it, too, comes in the found-footage format and will pick up where the original movie left off (we're all apparently going to pretend 2000's "Book of Shadows" never happened).

The trailer kicks off teasing viewers that we're seeing footage some guy found on a tape in the Black Hills woods and later uploaded to the Internet. The guy speaking things the person on video is his sister, and so he and a gaggle of friends head out into supposedly cursed woods. Soon enough, they're surprised by a familiar array of stick figures hanging from the trees.

All the nostalgic trimmings are there — handprints on the walls, someone standing in the corner, and lots of running around and screaming in the dark woods. Lionsgate is, as we'd expect, taking things up a notch though, and the trailer isn't without some blood and promises of moderate gore. What do you think? Exciting that the movie's been brought back or disappointed it wasn't left in movie history where it belongs?