Blackshades hacking collective raided

The hacking collective behind the remote access tool (RAT) called Blackshades has been raided by the FBI and applicable foreign law enforcement agencies. The raids are said by sources to be taking place at the homes of those involved with the software globally.

The information surfaced by sources that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, as well as posts that have appeared on unspecified forums for hackers. Searches and computer seizures have been carried out against those believed to have bought and/or sold Blackshades.

Sources said to be familiar with the investigation tipped the WSJ on some of the matters, saying the raids are part of a "coordinated crackdown" on those suspected to be hackers of the criminal variety. If all goes as rumored, we'll be hearing an official announcement on the raids this coming Monday or later.

Those raided are reporting having their computer equipment confiscated, something that can result from simply buying the software. Europe is said to be the most affected location, but suspects are being targeted around the world.