BlackLine GPS's GPS Snitch - it tells on who stole your car, makes rappers mad

"Stop Snitchin'!" is what they say, until their favorite new lime green Lambo goes missing and then they are going to whatever extent it takes to find it. Well, you may not drive a Lambo, but $400 is probably still cheaper than replacing your car.

Then again, you don't have to use it in your car either, you can use it on your next set of backup tapes for your business, stick it on your ATV in case it runs out of gas, it can go virtually anywhere since its battery powered. However, should you choose to put it in your car, you get the option of hardwiring it into your car's power system so you don't have to take it out and recharge it every seven days.

This thing doesn't just do GPS though; it also integrates with the cellular network to transmit the coordinates of the device via text message or email. Furthermore, it can detect motion and message you when whatever it is moves, and then it can be set up to message you again if the vehicle leaves a certain area. You can also have the location data imported into Google Earth for reliving memories, Geo-Tagging, or whatever other purpose you deem necessary. As I said, it costs $400 for the unit, and then there is a monthly charge for the cellular network usage, but that should be fairly minimal unless you use it all the time.

[via gps-snitch]