BlackLine GPS Blip – Buddy Beacon for your GPS-enabled BlackBerry

James Allan Brady - Mar 26, 2008

BlackLine, the makers of the Snitch that I told you about not too long ago, are releasing a new product. It works on your GPS-enabled BlackBerries and allows you to let friends, family, and/or employers know where you are.

It works just like a buddy beacon, except it has some added features. Not only does it tell you where your friend is, but if they start moving, it tells you in what direction and how fast.

Even better yet, Blip works interactively with the Snitch GPS units, so you can do everything you’d normally have to do at a computer with the Snitch, on your BlackBerry. You can pick up Blip for free and install it over the air on your BlackBerry just by going to the link below; once you download and install the app you can create and manage your account and who you share your location data with.

[via BlackLineGPS]

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