BLACK+DECKER Health launches with personal emergency response systems

For most of us, the name BLACK+DECKER is probably most closely associated with various power tools. The company has announced a new initiative called BLACK+DECKER Health, launching in the direct-to-consumer market, sliding into the health and wellness solutions category. BLACK+DECKER Health is bringing to market a new collection of personal emergency response systems called goVia.

There are several products in the goVia line, and all of them are designed to promote confident mobility for older Americans. The company says the products are designed to provide an extra layer of protection both at home and on the go for active older Americans to help them maintain their lifestyle as they age. The three products include 24/7 monitoring with a paid monthly subscription via Medical Guardian.

Medical Guardian is a provider of connected care solutions for older adults and caregivers that can connect them to trained emergency operators if they need assistance. The product line includes the MINI designed to be discreet and portable with nationwide cellular coverage on the Verizon 4G LTE network. The device is very small and lightweight, designed to fit on a belt, in a bag, or worn around the neck with the lanyard. The device can be tracked using GPS, Wi-Fi, and triangulation with battery life of up to five days.

The goVia Move is a lightweight and wearable device with nationwide cellular coverage on the AT&T network with an optional wearable button. When the optional button is pressed from up to 300 feet from the base station, it will connect the user to operators. The device is water-resistant and is designed to be worn on a belt or carried in a purse. It can be tracked using GPS for the AT&T cellular network and has up to 24-hour battery life.

HOME Classic is designed to be used in and around the home and is worn as a neck pendant or wristband with a wireless range of up to 1300 feet from the base station. It can be connected to a landline for an additional layer of protection and has a battery backup good for 32 hours. HOME Wireless needs no landline and can be worn as a neck pendant or wristband with a 600-foot wireless range and a 30-hour backup life. It operates on the AT&T cellular network.

HOME Fall Detection has auto-fall detection that automatically detects a change in motion and can connect emergency operators with no need for a landline. It has 30 hours battery life and operates on the nationwide AT&T cellular network. All of the products are available now.