Blackberry’s Project Ion aims to be IoT cloud solution

Nate Swanner - May 21, 2014
Blackberry’s Project Ion aims to be IoT cloud solution

With connected wearables and the Internet of Things, what happens to your information? Stored somewhere, various companies are jockeying to make sense of it all, and trying to make sense of your data at the same time. Blackberry thinks they have the answer, and are introducing Project Ion as a back-end solution.

Blackberry is using Cassandra for the database, which is an Apache open source project. They chose Cassandra because it handles written data better, where most concentrate on data read files. Kafka moves the information in and out of the Cassandra database, and Solr serves as the search tool. Blackberry is using Vert.X for the programming, which operates on the JVM, making it nimble and easily transferrable.

The other aspect of Project Ion is Blackberry’s QNX software. Though the company will rely on QNX where it currently resides, they’re also working to open parts of it up to open source with the aim of letting Developers use familiar languages to Develop for it. Node, C, and JSON are some of the more familiar languages Developers can use with QNX.

The project should go into an open beta this Summer, with wider release in February of 2015. Blackberry is relying on their tested security measures to entice Developers to join Project Ion, and will allow for multiple layers of access to our data. The project was officially launched in San Francisco this weekend, and Developers are already being invited to join in. Though we may never see Ion in action, it’s another solution for Developers to consider in the gush of connected devices that want to make sense of our data.

Source: GigaOM

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