BlackBerry Z10’s camera app and photo filters demonstrated in video

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 17, 2013
BlackBerry Z10’s camera app and photo filters demonstrated in video

The Blackberry Z10’s camera app has appeared in a video demonstration, which walks users through the various built-in photo filters it offers. The filters are similar to what you’ll find on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter’s mobile apps. The folks over at Gadget Masters got their hands on the device and demo’d it in a video, which you can check out after the jump.

The Z10’s camera app offers quite a few integrated photo filters, several of which are used during the demonstration. As with Instagram and similar photo filter applications, the filters are designed to give the photos certain feels and styles, such as sepia and greyscale. Users can scroll through the various filters and see them applied to the photo before saving and sharing it.

In addition to the photo filters, the camera app also has some editing tools built in that make it easy to adjust an image without using a third-party app or transferring it to a computer. The editing tools are pretty basic, and include transforming the image, increasing or decreasing the brightness, and “enhancing” the image.

While we don’t see it in the video, Gadget Masters also notes that in addition to altering the look of the image, it can also be cropped, resized, rotated, etc. As noted in the video, the camera software being shown off is not the final version (and neither is the Z10). It still provides a solid look at what prospective buyers can expect, however, as well as the array of filters RIM has integrated into the app.

[via Gadget Masters]

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