BlackBerry: we “continue to be a leader in mobile”

Chris Burns - Jun 29, 2014
BlackBerry: we “continue to be a leader in mobile”

This week BlackBerry is suggesting that they “must fight back” against their competitors using an offense constructed entirely of facts. No, they’re not attempting to recreate the “Bears, Beats, Battlestar Galactica” battle between Dwight and Jim on The Office – they’re creating a “Fact Check” portal in which they attempt to cut down web-based articles and comments “trying to incite fear, uncertainty and doubt about BlackBerry.”

The first “BlackBerry Fact Check” to have been published is an image which you can now see below this paragraph. In it, BlackBerry suggests that they’re the top secure data mover in the EMM universe – 35 petabytes of data per month on average.


Their second article takes on Enterprise Mobility Management again. This time they suggest MobileIron, Good Technology, and AirWatch (some BlackBerry business competitors) are attempting to suggest there’s an “inevitable” migration away from BlackBerry happening in the business world. To fight back, BlackBerry provides the following slides:

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