Blackberry Storm 2 due in September, has WiFi

According to a source very close to the issue, Verizon has given the go for RIM to release the BlackBerry Storm 2 in September of this year. The followup to the groundbreaking Storm that was released last year as the first touchscreen Blackberry, SlashGear has been told that the new Storm 2 addresses one of the biggest criticisms of the first smartphone and of Verizon devices in general, in that it will support WiFi.

While we're not able to name our source, we can say that we've no doubts regarding the veracity of their information. The source gave us their assurances that the Storm 2 would have WiFi, and would be an even better Pro-consumer device than the first Storm. We wonder if RIM and Verizon will make any changes to the touchscreen, a common point of complaint for the first-gen devices; comments he dropped lead us to believe WiFi isn't the only thing RIM and Verizon have up their sleeve with the Storm 2.

The original Blackberry Storm debuted as Verizon's challenger to the iPhone, remains one of their flagship devices. With the release of Blackberry App World, the Storm is in an even better position to make a dent in Apple's market share. The launch of the Storm 2 with WiFi and an improved touchscreen could draw both consumers and business users alike in to Verizon.