BlackBerry Storm 2 9550 gets video demo

Don't ask how, but CrackBerry have managed to lay their hands on not one but two working BlackBerry Storm 2 prototypes, and seeing as they know we're all just a little bit interested in the upcoming touchscreen smartphone they've shot a demo video.  First-impressions are positive, with an improved SurePress touchscreen and better on-screen typing feel.

Now it's worth noting that this is very early hardware and software – in fact CrackBerry say there's already newer, changed versions of each – but already they reckon it feels nicer in the hand and better constructed than the original smartphone.  It's also more user-friendly, particularly the new touchscreen which still moves when you "click" but without the same frustration as on the Storm 9530/9500.

The software, mind, will be little changed over what RIM have in line for the upcoming OS 5.0 update for the first-gen Storm, but it's that tweaked hardware – which CrackBerry describe as "what Storm 1 should have been" – which may make all the difference.

Update: YouTube pulled the video after a copyright claim by RIM