Blackberry Pulls Latest Twitter For BB10 Update, Offers Downgrade Instructions

Earlier this month, Blackberry pushed out an update to the Twitter mobile app for Blackberry 10, bringing it up to version 10.2.2. Along with the new release came some new features, such as the ability to be BBM connected, to reply within tweets, a boost to the search function and more. Unfortunately, the update also brought a variety of bugs with it, and as a result Blackberry has pulled it a little over a week after its release.

Shortly after the update's release, users began reporting trouble with the latest version of the app. Reports have spanned the gamut, and include an inability to launch the program, crashing, slow loading, and even trouble uninstalling it. On the flip-side, other users have reported having no problems with the app, so your mileage may vary. According to the update Blackberry posted, it was user reports that prompted the app update to be removed.

For those who have downloaded the latest update, assuming you're experiencing problems and want to go back to the previous version, Blackberry has provided instructions on how to downgrade the app over on its official blog, which we have for you below:

1. On the home screen, hold the Twitter icon until the X appears. Press the X to delete the application.

2. Open BlackBerry World.

3. In BlackBerry World go to Settings by swiping down from the top of the screen.

4. Select -> General -> Refresh BlackBerry World.

5. Search for Twitter in BlackBerry World

6. Install Twitter version 10.2.1

Blackberry says it is actively investigating the issue, and that it will announce when the version is available again to download. Until then, enjoy the newest version if you're one of the lucky ones who haven't experienced any issues, or download to the previous version and enjoy your microblogging activities without hassle.

SOURCE: Blackberry