Blackberry promises a second Passport, new 'concept device'

The  is an interesting device — and that's putting it mildly. Though many see the device as an edge-case scenario at best, it may be part of Blackberry's plan to get back into our mindset, if not our pockets. The Passport may not be a one-off, either, as CEO John Chen suggests they'll have another attention-grabber soon.

Speaking to media after their earnings report last week, Chen hinted reception to the Passport was good, saying there would be a second generation. The Blackberry Classic is also sticking around, with Chen saying "I think we will have another iteration on that". The new/old Blackberry Classic will be coming to retail later this year.

In addition tot he Passport and Classic, Blackberry seems to be working on something else that could grab out attention. Chen remarked that a second "concept device" was coming, but offered no details on what that may be.

Chen noted that funky new device may not make it's debut until Mobile World Congress in Barcelona late next year.

If for no other reason than to get the tech media and consumers talking about Blackberry again, the Passport succeeded. It also seems to have had a positive ripple effect, as the device is sold out at various mainstream retailers like Amazon.

Source: Reuters