BlackBerry PlayBook Root achieved, Hulu what's good so far

When it comes to tablets and operating systems we'd like to see hacked open for greater access, the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook and its custom PlayBook OS aren't exactly at the top of the list of must-haves – but regardless of this, it has in fact happened. WIth a tool that's sure to capture both your heart and your giggles, one that's called DingleBerry, of all things, a team of three developers have found their way to true device freedom inside this recently deeply discounted tablet. Now with a root method out there and Best Buy sold out of the device, can we commence with the popularity?

It sure seems to have worked for the HP TouchPad, so why not here with the PlayBook? We've got word that this hacked version isn't held nearly in as high a regard as the doomed TouchPad, and no sign of Android is in sight, so what's to be done with this little monster? We can watch Hulu on it, for one. Time to break out the Office, Community, and Parks & Rec, team, Thursday night's shows on Friday for all!

Then there's the possibility that a port of other systems could very well happen. What we've seen with the TouchPad is a dual-boot situation where its own Palm-made system was able to be launched aside Android 2.3 Gingerbread, and reports are that it's not the worst thing in the world, especially for the $99 USD customers payed a few months ago. So here we go with the PlayBook, and not a moment too soon. Let the games begin!

[via CrackBerry]