BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 reveals 4G LTE icons, 1280×768 resolution

When you're in the business of developing software and producing awesome bits of hardware, especially in this modern "what's next" consumer market of ours, you often toss a loss aside in favor of producing something much better in a second generation – this appears to be what RIM is doing with the BlackBerry PlayBook's next release. What's been found today at N4BB courtesy of intrepid code-sniffer Lucky45 is a couple of clues regarding RIM's next play for tablets (or very strange smartphones.) Both 4G and 4G LTE icons have been found in the guts of PlayBook OS 2.0 aside screen resolutions of 1280×768 pixels.

In the past we've heard that there's certainly going to be another PlayBook, namely one that rang true with whatever 4G network the carrier it would be carried on would be working with. Of course that "certainly" turned out to be bunk when the WiMax toting carrier turned down the project earlier this year, but from what we're seeing here in this very new code, the dream remains alive. And hear this: if these icons are all meant for a single model device, there's only one network out there right this second differentiating between 4G and 4G LTE: AT&T.

There's also an icon for a SIM card notification as well, which makes us think that this device will be able to be sold off-contract even in its 4G-capable configuration. Then there's the screen resolution: 1280×768 pixels. This would place the entire BlackBerry line very much in a modern sharp category with the rest of the functional smartphone world – unless that's just for the PlayBook, in which case the rest of the smartphones RIM produces for 2012 will again be less than fantastic in the PPI department. We'll see all this and more inside 2012 and BlackBerry 10!

[via n4bb]