BlackBerry PlayBook gets Angry Birds, and there was much rejoicing

The BlackBerry PlayBook isn't exactly one of mobile's greatest success storied, and RIM's attempt at making BlackBerry function as a tablet-sized OS hasn't quite taken off yet the way they'd planned in the beginning, but all that is set to change amid news this week that finally, at long last, Rovio has released Angry Birds for the device. And not just one game, three! You'll now be able to download Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, and Angry Birds Rio from BlackBerry App World for your PlayBook, just in time for the holidays!

You new owners of the BlackBerry PlayBook who picked one up for $199 as well as all you old-school owners who blasted your pocketbooks for the chance to own the business-class tablet for yourselves early on will be glad to know that the most popular game in the whole mobile universe is now available for you, too. The only downside here is that each of these games will cost you $4.99 apiece. Luckily though this means you won't have to mess with advertisements that block your gameplay area.

You'll have the best time in the world playing the games everyone else has had access to for many months now, and included in your packages you'll find such bonuses as ties to the Rio movie that was released in the middle of this past summer and all the Seasons you missed in the summer of your discontent. On the plus side, it does appear that Rovio will continue to update these apps through the future just as they do the rest of the platforms, so no need to buy new games, one time's enough!

You can pick up Angry Birds Rio then head a bit back in time to grab the original Angry Birds and have the continuation of holiday cheer with Angry Birds Seasons. It's cheer time for BlackBerry PlayBook! Thanks for the tip, Jason!

[via N4BB]