BlackBerry Outage On Monday

Apparently, starting at about 3:30pm on Monday there was an outage for a good number of BlackBerry users. The outage was caused by a software upgrade to the RIM system that was intended to increase the capacity of the system.

Somehow someone has yet to point out the obvious to RIM, when have a system that covers the entire globe, and people in governments and business and even personal users depend on it, it's a bad idea to have a single centralized point that everything has to pass through. The outage lasted 3 hours, and although it would have occurred whether they had other sites or not, it could have affected far fewer users, and the ones who were affected could have had their emails routed through another location within minutes instead of being without email for 3 hours.

This isn't even the first time in the past year that something like this has happened, you'd think that they'd catch on and spend some of that mad cash that they have on some new locations and maybe a second set of servers that they could test the updates on before pushing them out onto the active servers. Anyways, stuff happens, its fixed now, you'll just have to worry about it again next time they go to perform a software update.

[via wired]