Blackberry Music will be shutdown June 2

Come this summer, Blackberry Music will be no more, with Blackberry announcing that the service will be retired on June 2. The information comes via an emailed statement that went out to Blackberry customers with a BB Music subscription. Less they be left completely high and dry, Blackberry is offering those subscribers a free 30-day trial to Rdio premium, which it says will fill the BB Music void.

According to the email, current subscribers will be billed in April, and will then begin to see songs turn grey in May; once grey, the song will no longer be playable, with the entire service going dark on June 2. These dates could change, per a postscript in the message. Users should begin making their transition the service this month.

Says the email sent to subscribers today: "BBM Music service will be discontinued as of June 2, 2013*. For paying customers, April is the last month that you will be billed. In May, as your BBM contacts stop using the service, songs in your playlists will begin to turn grey and will no longer be available."

Once Blackberry Music is no longer available, you won't have any use for the BB Music app, which is why removal instructions were provided. Users can make the transition more comfortable by taking advantage of the Rdio offer, which can be redeemed by following directions also included in the email, which you can read in full here.

[via Crackberry]