BlackBerry Music Service to cost $5 per month

More details on RIM's BlackBerry music streaming service are beginning to surface following rumors that the app could be rolling out very soon. Reports yesterday said that RIM was already in late-stage negotiations with the four major US record label companies while news on the BlackBerry App World 3.0 today suggest that the music service could launch as early as next week.

The BlackBerry music streaming service was said to involve the BlackBerry Messenger, but other than that there were few details. However, Crackberry was able to dig up more information on the BlackBerry music service and reveals that it will cost $5 per month after the free trial expires. The service will be offered in a standalone app that can be downloaded from the BlackBerry App World and will only allow you to install up to 50 songs.

And how does the service integrate with BBM? Well, it lets you use BBM to invite your contacts to join your music sharing network. And since each person can store up to 50 songs, you could potentially access 1,000 additional songs if you have 20 contacts invited on your network. It's an interesting concept because it means essentially that the more people you have on your network the more music you'll be able to access.

Whether or not you're a BlackBerry user, what do you think about the concept? Is it going to work and is it worth $5 per month?