BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition arrives in US via Best Buy, Amazon

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BlackBerry fans in the US can now purchase the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition variant from two major retailers, giving them access to the same model that started rolling out in other markets last year. We saw the KEYone Black Edition start its wider rollout back in September 2017, heading first to India and later on to Europe and the Middle East with other markets in the pipeline. The US market, however, hadn't been mentioned at the time, leaving consumers wondering when or if they'd get access to the handset.READ: BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition Hands-on

The Black Edition variant of BlackBerry's KEYone Android smartphone brings with it a new black aesthetic, as well as a minor but welcomed hardware boost from 3GB to 4GB of RAM and from 32GB to 64GB of internal storage.

The dark color scheme gives the KEYone Black Edition a more traditional BlackBerry feel to go alongside its physical QWERTY keyboard. In some markets, though, that new look and storage boost came at a premium price.

Speculation had put the KEYone Black Edition US model's price in the $650 to $700 range, that itself based on direct currency conversions from markets where it already launched. However, US buyers can get the US version for a more comfortable $549.99 USD, putting it around the same launch price as the regular BlackBerry KEYone handset.

BlackBerry says its customers can now purchase the Android phone online from both Best Buy and Amazon, the latter offering an International Version of the phone for a higher $649 USD.