BlackBerry Empathy Concept Device Can Determine Your Mood [Video]

Sometimes, the mood you're in can determine how you use your phone. Who you talk to, text, or even whether or not you browse the Web while you are out and about. And sometimes it can be frustrating that your phone doesn't feel you. Well, thanks to a pair of designers, that could change some day. This fresh new design for a smartphone, called the BlackBerry Empathy, is designed to not only read your mood, but also react to it.

Daniel Yoon and Kiki Tang are the designers behind the Empathy, and their main focus was a device that not only "feels you" and your emotions, but that can react to them. While you use the device, or interact with it in any way, a biometric ring will tell the device how you're feeling at any given moment. As it does, the ring will feed the data to the device, and thanks to the transparent OLED display, will be able to change features, as well as details, in real-time, based entirely on your mood.

Probably most interesting, despite the fact the whole concept is out-of-this-world intriguing, is the idea that if you know someone else who has the Empathy, you can see on your own device how they are feeling. You can also see the emotion they were feeling before their current state of mind. This will help you gauge what's going on in that person's day, and help you determine whether or not you want to talk to them. Check out the video below to see the concept design in action.

[via UberGizmo]